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Home Business With 5G, the risk of a worsening digital divide

With 5G, the risk of a worsening digital divide

Orange has not been idle. Of the 46,000 telephone booths still in service in 2017, there are only 465 left. According to former France Telecom, which manages this park, they are no longer used on average only thirty seconds per month! However, a good half of these quasi-museum pieces are not intended to be withdrawn immediately. Located in "white areas", in villages where the mobile still does not pass, these booths will remain operational until Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free have an acceptable 3G and 4G coverage.

In France, several hundred villages and hamlets still do not have mobile telephones. And in many towns, making a phone call or surfing the Internet with a smartphone is a way of the cross. The same goes for fixed Internet. While in major cities, more and more French people are switching to fiber and benefit from an ultra-fast connection, in many rural and rural areas, households have to deal with a breathtaking ADSL.

The subject is most sensitive. For years, mayors, deputies and senators of all political stripes moan against this "…


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