With 99.97 percent scrutinized, Chile Vamos sweeps the Cores election

With 99.97 percent of the votes counted, the lists of Chile Come on They are positioned as the ones with the most votes in the election of Regional Councilors (cores), key to deciding the financing of local governments.

The pacts of the ruling party would be, so far, reaching to obtain 110 counselors throughout the country.

They would be followed by the lists of the Constituent Unit with 42 councilors; of Citizen Democracy (DC) with 36; Wide Front with 25; For a Worthy Chile (IND-PC) with 24, and Partido de la Gente with 22.

Further behind are the Republican Party with 15, the Progressive Radical Change pacts (PR-IND) with 12; the Green Regionalists with 7; in addition to Ecologists and Independent with 6 directors, and other independent with 3 positions.