With a blood donation we “save three lives”

A month ago, Thierry Jolly succeeded Fabrice Bouscal (who became treasurer) at the head of the association of voluntary blood donors in Montargois. A blood drive will take place this Saturday (from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) at the Carnot room in Montargis.

This structure has a key role in coordinating collections, set up by the French Blood Establishment. The president likes to recall this anecdote of a student waiting during a blood drive: “Today I have time to wait to donate. When I need blood, I won’t have time,” said the young man. Because a blood donation, “it’s 450 ml and it saves three lives”, recalls Yves Cabanes, in charge of relations with the Lions club and Rotary. He composes the office with Sophie Craavageot (secretary); Laurence Chaton (correspondent with the hospital); Danielle Guézou, Jorge Rodriguez (entertainment); Marie-Thérèse Jolly (sampling from nurses); Adeline Auguste-Saget and Guy Delaveau in relation with high schools. The latter constitute a target of choice since they house future donors and the association works with the high schools of Giennois and Montargois. 45% of those sampled give for the first time.

“The association, which started from scratch two years ago, has around forty members. Our goal is to raise awareness, to contact as many people as possible, because blood has no equivalent. For young people, a donation makes it possible to have a blood test, and therefore to detect possible pathologies”, adds Thierry Jolly.

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