With a funeral wreath and a pig’s head, alleged criminals threatened a Sonora official

It is presumed that the message could have been placed by some criminal group. (Twitter/@CajemeNews)

On the night of March 20, residents of the municipality of Cajeme, in Sonorareported a peculiar finding on the public highway, as unidentified subjects placed a funeral wreath next to a pig’s head and a threatening message.

“If you search you will find. Let’s see if the salazar He takes away the vergasos that I am going to give him. The one who warns is not a traitor (sic.)”, was the text included on the cardboard that was later removed by local police officers.

The person to whom the threat was directed is Guillermo Aviles Encinas, agent of the Federal Public Ministry who, according to local media, works in the Subdelegation of Ciudad Obregón. In addition to the official’s name, a ribbon with the phrase “Rest in peace” was placed on the floral arrangement.

After receiving the report of said message, elements of the Municipal Police and the State Police went to the point where the cardboard, the crown and the pig’s head were abandoned. According to the media with a presence in the region, this occurred on Miguel Alemán street, at the northern entrance of Ciudad Obregón (Cajeme capital).

The message hinted at a possible link between the official and La Chapiza. (Facebook/Cd Obregon Uncensored sc)

Contrary to what is customary in this type of situation, the message was not signed by any plaza boss or by any criminal organization. However, the mention of the salazararmed wing of Sinaloa cartelis an indicator of which group would be behind the threat.

In recent years, Sonora has become a disputed area between Los Salazar (or La Chapiza Salazar) and Squarefaction linked to Caborca ​​Cartel.

This last criminal cell has openly declared its willingness to confront the authorities of the state government, since it has accused different public servants of having ties to and protecting the Sinaloa Cartel.

In July 2020, for example, La Plaza claimed responsibility for the murder of Juan Francisco Herrera Ortiz, whom they identified as “El Brujo”, 34 years old, and his entire family. After having perpetrated the crime, members of said group placed a banner in which they denounced support for Los Salazar from the Secretary of Public Security, the Navy and the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), to name a few.

The threat was withdrawn by local police officers. (Twitter/@CajemeNews)

In addition, said gang associated with the Caborca ​​Cartel was identified as responsible for the attack on the Municipal Palace of Guaymas on November 25, 2021. The objective of said attack was Humberto Cano Ahuir, then Commissioner of Public Safety. However, just that day, the Feministas del Mar collective carried out a protest in front of the City Hall.

During this armed attack, the activist Lucero Marisol Cuadras18 years old, as well as antelmo edwardescort of the mayoress Karla Cordovay Carlos Alberto Mejia Grijalvaalias “the commoner”, one of the material authors of the attack.

Added to this, in December 2022 a video was released in which alleged members of La Plaza interrogated a probable hit man from La Chapiza, who detailed the work he performed under the command of the Sinaloa Cartel in the state.

The subject questioned identified himself as Luis Angel Olivera Hernandez and said that he had been contacted via Facebook to “kill innocents” in Ciudad Obregón.

Parallel to the dissemination of the video, images of a dismembered body circulated in the streets of said city along with a message signed by La Plaza: “Here were others from Chapiza Salazar who want to come to Obregón, understand ball of verg * s, here they are going to peel the kidnappers culer * s, keep hallucinating “. According to the first reports, the body was that of Olivera Hernández.