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Original title: The probability of 1% can reverse Ancelotti finally break the “Istanbul miracle” demon

Reversing Manchester City 3:1 at home to enter the Champions League final, all three knockout rounds have been reversed… No matter what happens in Paris on May 28, Real Madrid this season will be destined to be recorded in history. The same goes for Manchester City, who have only one title left to guarantee.

“To knock out Real Madrid, in theory you have to play well in both legs, it will be an important test. We are well prepared, but we can also get lucky with a bad performance. No one can predict football. What happens on the field. Sometimes you just don’t get what you should have, and sometimes you get what you don’t have.” Guardiola’s philosophical remarks before the game may now be part of the Manchester City team The best comfort. 24 hours ago, Klopp had just led his team to the Champions League final for the fourth time, thus sharing with Lippi, Ferguson and Ancelotti the honor of the manager who has reached the most Champions League finals. At that time, Guardiola was considered to be very fast. will be in this category. However, 24 hours later, people ushered in the ending of Ancelotti’s 5 finals and dominance. The most astounding thing is that it only took Real Madrid 5 minutes from equalizing the total score to achieving the go-ahead. Manchester City’s previous advantage of nearly 180 minutes was so weak in hindsight, even if Real Madrid’s promotion probability was only 1% at that time.

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Having experienced more failures, it will naturally become more cautious, especially for Guardiola, who is familiar with the Bernabeu. “In the 89th minute, do you think you entered the final?” After the game, a reporter threw this poignant question. “No, I can’t celebrate because I have experience and I know that this can happen at this stadium, they have to score two goals and they have the ability to do it, history shows that. Congratulations to Real Madrid and Liverpool , this is a blow to us.” For the miraculous Real Madrid, there seems to be no more reasonable explanation except for the “background”.

According to Ancelotti, in order to motivate the players to boost morale, the coaching staff specially produced a collection of the essence of this season’s reversal: In this season’s Champions League, when Real Madrid was 0:2 behind in the quarter-final against Paris , It was Benzema’s hat-trick that helped the team reverse and advance; in the second round of the quarter-finals, Chelsea scored 3 goals to overtake the total score, and Real Madrid completed the reversal and won again against the trend. If you count other various “reversals”, Real Madrid’s season has already reached 8 times – the end of the short video of the coaching staff is: there is one more time. “That’s what’s so great about Real Madrid, this club doesn’t make you feel like it’s over and you give in to your fate, you get the strength to keep going, to fight, to believe that there will be miracles. The opponents are strong, this game It was a very good game and it was very intense. We used every last ounce of our strength to equalise.

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“Just 5 days ago, the five major league titles were collected, and now he has set a new record in the Champions League. Anyone can understand that Ancelotti is a little excited.” The match between Villarreal and Liverpool has already been told How is our Spanish football, people always think that they only focus on technology, but they can also play fast-paced games. “It was Ancelotti’s former disciple Costacurta who said this. From the moment he entered the live room, he believed that Real Madrid would be the final winner. “I know Ancelotti very well. The party was more worried than him. I was lucky to have played under Ancelotti, he was always calm and made his team do the same. “Calm? Ancelotti rarely ran out of substitutions, although Rodrigo, Camavinga, Mendy and Militao were replaced.

Not many can be regarded as recognized stars, but this does not prevent the Italians from strategizing and realizing the reversal. “He learned a good lesson from the night in Istanbul.” This was Costacurta’s post-match evaluation, and Ancelotti did not forget this unforgettable history, “After we equalized the score , already has a major psychological advantage, like the night in Istanbul in 2005. After Liverpool equalised, the game was completely different.”

Indeed, Ancelotti has entered the Champions League final 4 times before and won the Big Ear Cup 3 times. The only time he lost was the night in Istanbul in 2005. This game, which can be called the most classic game in the history of football, not only became a frequent visitor to the TOP10 of “World Football”, but also became Ancelotti’s eternal pain, although in 2007, he led the team to complete the revenge. Now, when he meets his old opponent again, can Ancelotti, who is accustomed to the reversal, be able to completely get rid of his inner demon? Judging from the historical record, the Italians undoubtedly have the upper hand. In the previous 16 games against Liverpool, Ancelotti’s team achieved 8 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses. As for Klopp, Ancelotti also has 4 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses in the 10 matches between the two, which is slightly better. This includes 6 matches between the two in the Champions League, and An Shuai also has the advantage with 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses. Even against the strong Liverpool in Everton, Anshuai also drew a draw with his opponent.

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Although they also staged a good reversal in the second round, Liverpool’s plot is obviously not as exciting as that of Real Madrid. Compared with the opponents who focus on nothing, the pressure on the generals of the Red Army is also much greater – the unprecedented great glory of the quadruple champion, It needs a heart large enough to accommodate it, or it will collapse in three lines. What’s more, in the Premier League, they have to fight with Manchester City to the end. Still, it’s going to be an indelible season for whoever it is.Return to Sohu, see more