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With a Super Man exercise and a seat and a bottle of water .. Prepare your youth without Jim

Do you think you can improve, strengthen and possibly build your body muscles without going to the gym, or providing sports equipment inside your home? You can do this with Super Man exercise, a seat and a bottle of water within 5 daily exercises that help you achieve this, and fit the young and old.

Captain Ahmed Mohamed Gad, a fitness coach at Ahli Club for Al Ahram Gate, said young people, young people and older people with mobility have an opportunity to improve and strengthen their muscles, not like gyms. Daily exercise, restlessness, ease of movement, increased tolerance and, most importantly, strengthening the muscles of the abdomen, back, spine, and arms.

The first exercise (running in place), first touching the heel, then running forward and back with the heel also touching, and for 10 seconds 4 times, and this exercise to create the body and strengthen the muscles of the feet.

Running in place

The second exercise (Super Man), and is placed on the ground, and then raise the arms only at the beginning, to be then go down to the start and then rise again with the stability of 10 seconds, and repeated exercise 4 times, 10 aids each time, This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the back, especially the muscles of the spine, and is one of the most important exercises.

Super Man Exercise

3 – Exercise 3 (seat and bottle of water), and by sitting on the seat, and raise the arms to the top, with the arms and their arms and again, repeating the exercise 4 times, and each time 15 several, and this exercise, arms, and works on Improve muscle.

Seat and water bottle

4 – Exercise 4, and is through lying on the abdomen, while keeping the feet joined together, and the person lift his stomach and the front of his body back, while trying to reach the highest possible level of shoulders, and repeated exercise 3 times, and this exercise is very useful for the muscles back.

Exercise IV

The fifth exercise (Blanc), is done by lying on the floor, the body straight in the straight line, the elbow on the elbow and the foot comb, so that the body to straighten one and not lower the back and head down, and hold on position for 30 to 60 seconds, This exercise works to strengthen and tighten the abdomen and back, especially the lumbar region and the lower abdomen in general.



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