With Antidote 11, Druide goes neural for his 25th birthday!

Antidote 11 has landed!

The famous publisher Druide informatique celebrated its 25th anniversary on Tuesday at an internet event. On this occasion, he launched Antidote 11. In this final opus, he offers more than 100 new features, including a corrector boosted by a neural engine!

To begin with, the corrector’s interface has been refined. Druide wanted to reduce as much as possible the secondary elements, and leave the central place to the text. A major current ergonomic trend … But behind this graphic evolution hides a more radical change, according to a press release. What to turn the page Antidote 10?

Artificial intelligence to test …

Druid says he is entering the world of deep learning. With Antidote 11, it indeed inaugurates a neural correction engine. The latter allows new diagnostics. It thus suggests the insertion of missing words and proves capable of an in-depth analysis of punctuation, as explained in this online presentation.

In this extension, it thus becomes possible to create personal rules to shape the correction according to its needs, for example to monitor delicate or important words. It is also now possible to save sets of settings which adapt the diagnostics to various types of texts.

Even more powerful

In the same vein, new tooltips directly offer synonyms to avoid repetitions. Antidote also ventures into the field of intelligent reformulations for certain style detections: a click would then suffice to modify the sentence.

As for the dictionaries, Druide adds 3000 words such as “écoanxiété” and “vaccinodrome” in French and 5000 in English. This software now also makes it possible to pronounce all the words in all their forms, with the accent of Montreal or that of Paris, by reproducing human voices by deep learning. Experience will tell if this is really reliable …

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And for poets and marketers …

In addition to sound and wise advice on the appropriate proposition to use, Antidote 11 offers a new rhyming dictionary. A somewhat particular volume since it pushes the search for similar sounds far, offering multi-word rhymes, but also quasi-rhymes, sometimes useful in marketing …

My comment? We are obviously delighted to test this ever more powerful software version after version, which shows the innovative capacity of the Francophonie. There remains the question of the price for a family since the usual price is 99 euros per language and per year for the Antidote + formula and even 149 euros for the bilingual French, English version.

Xavier Studer