With “Black Belt”, Master Gims exceeds 100,000 sales in 3 weeks


Photo Credits: Bestimage
We do not stop it anymore! Master Gims’ third album, “Black Belt”, was eagerly awaited by the rapper’s fans. Released on March 23rd, the record realized the second best start of the year (behind The bastards ) with 49,300 pure sales. A monster album that, despite its ambition somewhat excessive (40 titles for a duration of 2:21!), seduces criticism and passionate the public. With 22,700 additional sales this week, “Black Belt” already exceeds 100,000 pure sales without streaming. He federated 108,700 fans precisely, and at the same time wins a platinum record. A figure that will please the artist who recently has rebelled against some artists accused of inflating their streaming figures . ” I come from a time when there was no streaming, we did things in the rules, we fought to have certifications. And today it pisses me off with a click, a small ticket, you pay people who multiply your views, your stuff in streaming. And who fart champagne saying “we do if that”, which distort a little the thing “Said the interpreter of “Corazon” . Black Belt but platinum disc! A card that is not surprising considering the enormous popularity of the artist who, in the song “Christophe” of Orelsan, ironically defined himself as the most loved black of Central Massif “. The album is strongly defended by the title “The same” , in duet with Vianney. If the universe of the two artists seem at first glance antinomic, this collaboration cardboard at the same time in radio (it is currently the 4th title most diffused) as well as in the rankings: it ranks number one downloads and 2nd streaming. With a score of this caliber in 3 weeks, “Black Belt” has everything to sell as much as the two previous opus of the rapper, “Subliminal” in 2013 (900,000 sales) and “My Heart had Reason” in 2015 (700,000 sales) . The former member of Assault Sexion will enjoy this solo success during a long tour that will take him to Stade de France in September 2019 ! Watch the video of “Loup-Garou” by Master Gims and Sofiane :


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