Home Entertainment With candles and decorations .. India celebrates the «Hebei Diwali»

With candles and decorations .. India celebrates the «Hebei Diwali»

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India celebrates "Happy Diwali", quoting the Egyptian website today, Saturday, November 10, 2018.

  India is celebrating one of the most important Hindu festivals in India, which coincides with the autumn harvest season, in which Hindus and followers of the Jain and Sikh religions participate, because of its cultural importance. In the country, celebrations of this festival are characterized by the decoration of houses with lights, such as mud oil lamps, called dia, symbolizing the end of darkness and ignorance, the triumph of good over evil, which is the basic idea of ​​the festival, the fireworks in different parts of India to adorn Heaven and pioneers launched Twitter Hashtag has occupied the most advanced position among the site's leaders under the name of #Happy Diwali to observe the festivities of the famous festival. India celebrates the Diwali Festival and has witnessed a large number of Bollywood celebrities. The festival will be held in memory of Lakshmi, the god of wealth. The festival will last for 5 days. The fourth day will be full of fireworks to celebrate the New Year's Eve, and candles will be lit at home. For carrying a lot of firecrackers on the walls and at the entrances, and the celebration is the time to visit relatives and friends and give gifts, and decoration of houses. India Celebrates Diwali Festival We thank you and the visitors to the news portal for their trust and presence, and we promise you to provide all new and important news from all reliable sources, and has been moved (with candles and decorations. India celebrates "Hebei Diwali"). The source is responsible for the news. .
Source: Egyptian Today



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