With Castillo’s triplet, Pumas cuts a streak of 8 games without winning


Nico, against Vikonis in the first feline goal, yesterday. Photo: Mexsport
L Pumas of the UNAM have gone from a sad grotesque to an unthinkable cause of hope. The felines showed something that has not been seen for a long time, and it was that honor to draw strength from weakness, yesterday with a man less, at critical moments. However, it must be said, Puebla, until the 80th minute it was complicated, but in the end the university made the 4-2 thrashing, so they went to the Liguilla and incidentally cut a streak of eight games without winning a match .
The last time that the Pedregal gave a victory to his followers in the domestic tournament was a Friday in February, on his visit to the José María Morelos stadium, the house of Monarcas Morelia. Before the pupilos of David Patiño had shown a quite exalted soccer level; However, after that encounter with the Purépechas, they were involved in a decline, where their operation reached a spiral that today keeps them out of the big party, virtually.
The triplet of Nico and a goal by Alustiza made the Auriazules overtake the Camoteros. The bands were the conduit that took the university students to the front. Pablo Barrera made it to the right, after tunneling a Poblano, took a shot with the outside of his booty, but Nicolás Vikonis had a great save and deflected the ball to crash into the post; Jesús Gallardo still pushed the ball to the net but a timely sweep by Anderson Santamaría prevented the goal.
Soon, Pumas was gray in its attack, incapable to obtain depth, while Puebla closed spaces and waited for the failure of the premises to look for the counterattack. After 30 minutes of drowned attempts, Patiño had to modify because Escamilla could not continue due to injury, his place was taken by Mauro Formica.
Graphic: The Reason of Mexico The foreigners took advantage of a defensive error to open the scoring, in a play in which the ball was controlled by Pumas in their area, but Lucas Cavallini slipped between the home side to push the ball to the net, at 40 ‘.
Five minutes later the locals matched. The Chileans Marcelo Díaz and Nico joined. Chelo focused for the attacker, who controlled the ball with his chest and then beat the Uruguayan goalkeeper with a cross shot.
Pumas repeated the dose to the visitors. Center of Gallardo by the right band to the second post, where Alustiza did not have to jump to finish off head and make the second of hosts.
The Data: In the administration of Ares de Parga, president of the board of the Pumas, they have invested 150 million pesos in the remodeling of quarry facilities.
And it seemed that the Auriazules were not in the third place, but Mauro Formica was sent off 74 ‘after a strong sweep of Daniel Guerrero. A play after the red, the attacker of Puebla tied with a header by Cavallini.
The match changed, those of the Strip took control and Pumas had only to crouch. The post prevented Lucas from making his third and that of his team, Alfredo Saldívar saved his goal after Alejandro Chumacero’s shot.
The locals took advantage of a corner kick to get up on the scoreboard again. Nico took the rebound and from outside the area took a shot, which was deflected behind, which made Vikonis could not do anything to prevent the fall of his goal.
Puebla turned to attack to find the equalizer, and Pumas took advantage of the spaces left to make the 4-2 with the triplet of Nicolás Castillo.
Graphic: The Reason of Mexico Veracruz loses and looks to the descent
The Panzas Verdes del León won 2-1 against the Red Sharks of Veracruz, on their visit to the house of the Jarochos. This result is disadvantageous to the sharks, after their struggles for the decline are complicated by such a result.
At minute 43 ‘, the outsiders opened the scoring, when Cornejo sent a service to Mauro Boselli, who made a hammer blow for the 0-1.
But the guards of Guillermo Vázquez overcame and began to generate danger, in such a way that in a great play that Richard Ruíz started on the right wing, and then send a center to Menéndez, who was erected in the air, was suspended and terminated. head to 63 ‘and achieved the equalizer.
However, at 82 ‘, Andrés Andrade started the activity from the center of the field, crossed several meters and then sent Elías Hernández, for the latter to return it and The Rifre , with great quality, he will finish off with the right from outside the area and achieve equal. This culminated the meeting, which left the sharks in their struggle for non-descent.


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