With Circular, its X30 5G and G60 5G, Nokia wants to be more sustainable…

Nokia wants to be more responsible.

Nokia presented its efforts to produce “more responsible” smartphones at IFA 2022 in Berlin on Thursday. The rather cheap Nokia X30 5G and G60 5G, for example, come with a new “circular” subscription concept that will be launched to start in Britain and Germany.

By way of introduction, the famous brand owned by HMD Global, highlights its good results in the Ecovadis rankings, which measure corporate social responsibility. Nokia emphasizes its efforts to reduce its CO2 production by 50% by 2030. Its slogan: “play the long game” by claiming to extend the life of its devices as much as possible. Note that he cites Swisscom as one of his partners… To be continued.

A concept of “circularity”…

Nokia has therefore launched its “Circular a new subscription for Nokia phones” concept in Berlin. What to spend 12 to 30 francs or euros per month to be assured of the entire cycle of durability of its devices and its replacement in the event of breakage. It also always guarantees three years of full warranty, updates and it is made of various recycled materials (aluminum, plastic).

The Nokia X30 5G, notably equipped with a 50 million pixel wide-angle photo sensor, should land in Switzerland at the start of the 4th quarter from 519 francs (euros) for the 6/128 GB version and 549 francs (euros) for the 8/256 GB version. The Nokia G60 5G is available now from 349 francs (euros) in the following configurations 4/64 GB, 4/128 GB and 6/128 GB. Models powered by different processor manufacturers , including Qualcomm for the G60, which would offer long-term support…

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Why not 5 years of updates?

Asked about this three-year update limit, especially for its most expensive devices, a Nokia employee explained to me that smartphone manufacturers are dependent on the efforts of processor founders for their software updates, which requires constant effort. And all the energy put on the old models does not benefit the new ones…

According to Nokia’s explanations, even processors benefiting from a long update cycle make it difficult to exceed this three-year warranty. To save a little time, it may therefore be interesting, theoretically, to choose a model with the latest chip on the market. But all this remains theory and the industry is struggling to change its development cycles…

Xavier Studer, Berlin


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Nokia's novelties presented at IFA 2022 in Berlin.
Nokia’s novelties presented at IFA 2022 in Berlin.