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With copy to Gareca! Reimond Manco dreams of defending the ‘blanquirroja’

by archyw

Reimond Manco will turn 31 on August 23 and still dreams of defending the Peruvian National Team. He considers that his football is current and he can stand out by wearing the ‘Blanquirroja’.

“I get excited when (Peru) wins, I suffer when they lose. I am happy with what I have, but I always want more, and that more is the possibility of wearing the ‘Blanquirroja’ “said the current Alianza Universidad player in an interview with the newspaper El Comercio.

The leader of the ‘Jotitas’ does not lose hope of being called by Ricardo Gareca In the not too distant future.

“Sure, it would be nice, but everything has its moment, you have to work quietly, low profile, and if you can give it, welcome, otherwise life continues”, added.

Likewise, ‘Rei’ maintains that he has the “chocolate”, which seems to be a condition to integrate the ‘bicolor’ in these times.

“I will have the chocolate until the day I retire from football. That is not sold in the pharmacy, one is born with what God has given us. The good touch, the necessary luxury, productive, in football everyone knows his qualities “added.

In addition, Reimond Manco He prefers not to compare his sports reality with that of the Colombian James Rodríguez, who also played the South American Under 17 in 2007 in Ecuador.


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