With different foods. 3 Products for Best Workout Performance

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Many are looking for products that help to gain energy before going into physical training, in order to get the best performance and result of the exercises.

Yallakora offers its visitors a number of products that can be consumed immediately before the start of the exercises, and that positively affect the quality and strength of the exercises.


1.22 lbs., 30 servings pre-workout, with different foods including blueberries.

210 GM

Mango flavor, contains a high percentage of caffeine, produced by UTRIVERSUM company, and you can get it in installments for 48 months for only 18.55 pounds per month.

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300gm in watermelon flavour, one serving contains 175g of caffeine, 3g of creatine and 1.5g of beta-alanine.