With Grillo or with Conte? Here’s how the big M5s line up

In the 5 Star Movement there is a war of nerves between the guarantor and co-founder, Beppe Grillo, and the leader in pectore, Giuseppe Conte, always determined to think about a disengagement after the Genoese comedian’s exits, last Thursday, in the assemblies with the parliamentarians . The situation is still at a standstill, from the entourage of the former prime minister they explain, very succinctly, that there are no news or developments in the mending work, much less a contact between the two “challengers”. The bridges, however, are at work to try first of all to lower the degrees of tension below the guard level, then an attempt will be made to understand if the pieces of this relationship can be put back together or if the fracture is really irrecoverable. . Here’s how the big names of the Movement line up.