With gusts up to 115 km / h!

According to IMGW weather forecasts, we can expect strong winds on Monday, January 17th. He will come gusts locally up to 115 km / h. Wind will calm down only at the end of the day. Besides, on January 17th will be cloudy, with rainfall and in some places even snow.

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Weather 17.01. IMGW: Rainfall, even snowfall and strong wind. With gusts up to 115 km / h!

What’s the weather forecast for January 17th? According to the IMGW synoptic strong wind zone, which appeared over Poland on Sunday night, will quickly move south and will cover the entire territory of the country. In central districts the wind can reach do 100 km/hand during the day gusts 90-95 km / h they will move South“.

Grażyna Dąbrowska from IMGW-PIB and added that “As the day goes on, from the north of the country, gusts of wind will begin to weaken.” Synoptic explained that the longest windy weather will last in eastern Polandwhere strong the wind will blow all Monday. On the peaks of the Sudetes, the force of the wind may be high up to 130 km / h, and on the peaks of the Carpathians up to 120 km / h “.