Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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With how expensive the eggs, milk and butter in December 2017


Eggs, butter and fresh fruits are food goods that have increased the most in December 2017 than in the previous month of the same year, while, in the category of non-food goods, the most important price increases were recorded in case of fuels, reveals the data of the National Institute of Statistics (INS), published Friday.

Thus, eggs have risen in price in December 2017, compared with the previous month, with 6,72%, and 43,19% reported to December 2016, the butter with 2,65% (+22,77% compared to December 2016), and fresh fruit with 1.32% (+11,06% compared to December 2016). Also, the price of vegetables and preserved vegetables has increased by 1,54%, and the one of the potatoes with 1.32%.

On the segment of non-food goods, the price of fuel has climbed in December 2017 1.02% reported for the previous month and with 5.85% to December 2016, at of refrigerators and freezers by 0.75% of the washing machines and cylinders by 0.73%, while that of tobacco and cigarettes by 0.24% (+5,52% to December 2016).

In the service sector, increases more significant have been recorded in December 2017 in the case of airline tickets, 2.04% compared to November 2017 and with 23,29% compared with December 2016, the subscriptions auto, 0.74%, to interurban transport, 0.72%, of the restaurants, cafes and canteens, 0.52%, of the manufacture and repair of clothing and footwear, 0.48%, and the services of water, sewerage and sanitation, by 0.32%.

On the other hand, the highest decreases in prices were recorded on citrus and other southern fruit (-4,37%), sugar (-1,13%) and oil (-0,29%).

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