With its victory against Aurillac, Montluçon Foot is reassured and consolidates its place in National 3

By winning – and in a good way, 5 to 0 – its match against Aurillac Football Club, Montluçon Foot made the good deal of the 23rd day of the M group of National 3, Saturday May 7, at the Dunlop stadium, in Montlucon (Allier).

Not only did the Montluçonnais end a series of three draws and six defeats, but they also gained a point in the standings. Going from 9th to 8th place, they move a little further away from the relegation zone which this season could extend to four teams, while Aurillac remains in 12th place.

For the coach, Montluçon “could not back down”

If the victory is good for the whole team, coach Fabien Croze recalled, Saturday at the end of the match, that it was compulsory.

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“It was a cutthroat game. It wasn’t decisive, but you shouldn’t miss anything. We couldn’t go back. It was a direct competitor to the maintenance and we put them away. »

Fabien Croze (Coach of Montluçon Foot)

If the coach noted the defensive solidity and the effectiveness in front of the goals found as well as the seriousness of the team, he underlines that it will be necessary to preserve these qualities for the last three games of the season.

National 3: Montluçon Foot wins a big and necessary victory against Aurillac FC (5-0)

“We have changed the dynamic”, says the captain

On the player side, smiles were also in order when leaving the field. Like their coach, they have regained a taste for victory and wish to continue this momentum for the end of the season.

“It’s a victory that feels good because we haven’t won since the return matches. We had an accomplished, serious match. The whole team pulled in the same direction. We were realistic and solid defensively. We have changed dynamics. Now we have to get as many points as possible. »

Zacharie Boudersa (goalkeeper and captain of Montluçon Foot)

“We scored five goals, it’s no coincidence. There is improvement in all work areas. This is the direction in which we must continue to work, ”adds Gaël Bonno, striker and author of the third goal on Saturday.

Florence Farina