“With love from Russia” – a pilot from Izyum showed his house where the occupiers lived

The well-known towing trike pilot Viktor Sidorenko returned to his house in the private sector of Izyum and filmed what was left of the house after the arrival of the “Russian world”.

The footage taken by Sidorenko was published by the Pilots Help Ukraine youtube channel.

“We were sent this video from Izyum, released in the summer of 2022. One of the best trike pilots, Victor Sidorenko, shows the remains of his beautiful home destroyed by the Russians.
Victor is one of the pioneers of hang gliding in the former Soviet Union, a member of the USSR national team, a participant in many international competitions. He maintained close relationships with many of his Russian pilot friends, now ex-friends. Earlier, back in 2014, Viktor spoke with his Russian sports colleagues and asked their opinion about Russia’s invasion of Crimea and the eastern regions of Ukraine. Many of them responded that they supported Putin’s “special operation”. He briefly mentions this at the end of the video. Listen, ”the authors of the channel signed the video.

Viktor Sidorenko himself comments behind the scenes on what he found at home after the Russian occupation of Izyum.

“This is the center of my yard. Here is a hole, a funnel that has formed. There meters 15, in depth of meters 5-7, not less. Here is the house that went that way,” he says, walking around the once well-groomed yard.

The owner noted that the Russian military lived in his house. This is evidenced by things lying around in the yard, the remains of boxes for BC, boxes of dry rations.

“These cattle lived here. We pulled blankets, that’s all. It even surprises me why they need it, did they really live worse at home than they came here, drove people out of here, – the Izium resident argues. Look what they did to the house. They proudly signed that “there were Russians here”, “Z” was drawn. And all around is this signature “Army of Russia”. That’s what she does, she leaves behind.”

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On one of the walls of the house one can see the inscription “With love from Russia! Fuckers.” At the entrance to the ruins there is a shot refrigerator with stickers that Viktor Sidorenko brought from the championships from around the world.

“They hated everything of ours. Look how many bullets are in my fridge. It’s just a nightmare, ”concluded the author of the video.