With new mastgraph, 100 daily exams to detect breast cancer

Performing mastograms.

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Performing mastograms.

The new mastgraph will facilitate the diagnosis of breast cancer with better precision, up to 100 mammograms will be performed per day.

The head of the Sanitary Jurisdiction number two, Héctor Pérez Monsiváis, said that This instrument will remain permanent in the Tampico Health Center, but it will be available to all women.

“We are only waiting for the conclusion of some technical adjustments to start it up, for that, specialists are working who will install it, finishing the process we start with the mammograms,” he said.

Stated that the 2019 model is more modern in its infrastructure, because it is totally digital, and it will be available.

The doctor indicated that just as there is one in this health unit, there is also one in the “Dr. Carlos Canseco” Hospital, and Uneme-Dedicam.

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“We have three points here in Tampico from the Ministry of Health where we do mammograms, one is at the Health Center, another at Uneme-Dedicam which is on Avenida Las Torres and the third is located at the “Dr. Carlos Canseco”, He detailed.

Therefore, together they will serve to encompass larger communities, also ensuring that these types of factors are free.

“We would say that it will be used for the massive campaign in October, but it will remain permanently, however we have an agenda of people who are going to have a mammogram and we will continue to schedule appointments to cover everything. whoever requests it ”, he highlighted.

Pérez Monsiváis, assured that there is enough space to provide care to the entire community that requires this type of exams or also called screening.

“They have an average of 25 to 30 per mastgrapher, so we can say that we have 4 mastgraphers in Tampico, and therefore we speak of 100 daily mammograms, so there is to be able to provide coverage.”

He previously reiterated that the mastgrapher worked partially because it was a 2014 model, and it already had certain faults, despite this, they always went ahead to get mammograms; The hours of operation will be from 08:30 to 15:30.

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