“With our own police officers to school” – for the first time accompanying school in Cologne

Cologne (ots) – This morning (August 25th) the time had finally come: With a white helmet and a yellow safety vest with the inscription “Safe at a distance – 1.5 meters”, Änne and “her” police officer Mario Weidgang turned up at around 7.30 the foothills. Änne’s mother, Sebastian Spörl as a representative of the Michaelmas School in Cologne and traffic safety advisor Nicole Sutschet could see the 12-year-old on her safe bike from afar.

About ten minutes earlier, Änne and “her” policeman Mario Weidgang had set out in bright sunshine in Cologne’s southern part of the city by bike to the Waldorf School in the southern part of the city. The two of them had already driven to school last year and identified dangerous spots and critical points. Among other things, they had addressed the narrow Südstadt streets with the risk of so-called “dooring” accidents, crossing the busy foothill road and the foothill wall in front of the school, which was busy during delivery and pick-up times. Nicole Sutschet, the road safety advisor for the Michaeli Waldorf School, also used the meeting to raise awareness of the dangers involved in using the bicycle road.

The network partners “Radfahrsicherheit” from the city of Cologne, Sabine Bongenberg and Christoph Reisig from the Verkehrsclub Deutschland, who were also present, used the action meeting on site to exchange experiences. The unanimous opinion of those present: cycling safety for children is a very important issue. Although there were “only” two accidents on the way to school in the first half of 2021 in Corona times, it requires joint commitment, the cooperation of all partners and joint actions.

With the action carried out today, the Cologne police want to make children aware of the dangers of cycling and make their way to school safer through education, training and guidance. Änne’s mother drew a positive summary of the campaign, which was carried out for the first time in Cologne. After her appearance, the 12-year-old said goodbye to Mario Weidgang with the assurance that she would continue to drive carefully and attentively in order to avoid dangerous situations. She learns from the training that she better descends at critical points, explores ways on foot and looks for alternatives. Because of today’s appearance, your class teacher, Mr Spörl, for once overlooked the fact that Änne hadn’t quite done her homework for today – that will of course be made up for, she assured everyone with a grin in front of everyone involved. (mw / de)

The group picture shows – from left to right: Mr. Sebastian Spörl as a representative of the Michaeli Waldorf School, Änne’s mother, traffic safety advisor Nicole Sutschet, Änne, Mr. Christoph Reisig from VCD, Ms. Sabine Bongenberg for the Office for Road and Traffic Development of the City of Cologne and the traffic safety advisor (and “Änne’s policeman”) Mario Weidgang.


Due to the restrictions of the pandemic and school holidays, the campaign had to pause until the end. Photos from the first training and a question time in Änne’s classroom can be found at You can find the contribution from the bike check and the first meeting at