With overseas Chinese as a “bridge”, the youth training base of overseas football clubs settles in Qingtian, the hometown of overseas

Spanish HLK football club coach plays football with children Photo by Sun Yunyi

  Chinanews.comLishui, June 1st (Shao Yanfei, Zhou Jian, Sun Yunyi) “Six Day” International Children’s Day, in Qingtian County Government Kindergarten, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, children who love sports received a special festival experience class – Spanish HLK Football Club The coach took them to practice football skills such as passing, catching, and dribbling, and asked them to stand in a row to experience the court etiquette of high-fives.

In fact, the above-mentioned activities are the epitome of the Spanish HLK football club’s active integration into the local social life. A few days ago, under the promotion of Ye Weimei, an overseas Chinese living in the West, the Spanish HLK football club youth training base officially settled in the football town of Gui’ao Township, Qingtian County.

It is reported that the Spanish HLK football club was established in 2017 by Ye Weimei. The club draws on the training experience of top La Liga clubs, employs a Spanish professional coaching management team, adopts the Spanish youth training system, and creates a “trinity” football talent training model that combines international schools, football schools and professional clubs. Spanish teenagers conduct football training, and carry out many sports exchanges and other activities between China and Spain.

Relying on the advantages of the football field in Gui’ao Township and the strong football atmosphere in Qingtian County, Spanish HLK Football Club will carry out cooperation projects such as football teaching, international football study tours, football matches and other cooperation projects in Qingtian, so as to give full play to the radiation promotion effect of foreign professional football clubs on youth football , to explore elite and international training methods for youth football, to further improve the level of youth football in Qingtian, and to select and train outstanding talents to enter the professional football field.

“This training with the club stationed in Qingtian is mainly to help local teenagers improve their football skills, so that potential football seedlings receive more professional and systematic training, go abroad and rush to the world.” David, the goalkeeper coach of Spanish HLK Football Club explain.

Spanish HLK football club coach teaches football knowledge to children Photo by Sun Yunyi

Spanish HLK football club coach teaches football knowledge to children Photo by Sun Yunyi

In addition, the foreign teachers of the Spanish HLK Football Club will conduct football coaching training for 5 years at the club’s youth training base, Gui’ao Township Primary School, and provide the Gui’ao Township Primary School football team with no less than 10 hours of professional football training per week. With the support of parents, the club will also select outstanding youth training seedlings from the football team to join the club and get the “admission ticket” to a more professional green field.

Ye Weimei said that football is a free sport, and it should not be restricted by the venue, environment, and hardware conditions. “Although Qingtian is a mountainous county, the football atmosphere here is very strong. It is unexpected that many small villages and towns in Qingtian The children all have a football level beyond their age. I believe that under the leadership of professional coaches, Qingtian will also be able to emerge as a dazzling star in the future and win the ‘Hercules Cup’.”

In recent years, sports such as football, basketball, and table tennis have become more and more popular, showing the characteristics of popularity and younger age. The 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou in 2022 will be held soon, and Qingtian attaches great importance to the work of national fitness. Up to now, Qingtian has 43.2% of the sports population who regularly participate in physical exercise, 94% of the national fitness monitoring pass rate, 2.69 square meters of sports venues per capita, and more than 2.3 social sports instructors per 1,000 people in Zhejiang Province standard.

The reporter learned that in the future, the Qingtian sports department will continue to do a good job in national fitness in terms of accelerating the construction of sports public facilities, improving the level of scientific fitness guidance, planning and organizing events, etc., to promote the brand of Qingtian Sports City, and to do a good job in integrating sports and tourism. Let the people in the hometown of overseas Chinese move “without boundaries”, and have a greater sense of gain and happiness. (over)