With supervisor blown: 14-year-old in Spain popped up

With supervisor blown: 14-year-old in Spain
 popped up

Grevesmühlen: 14-year-old missing reports from Spain Europe has been looking for them, now at least the girl has turned up again: The 14-year-old from Grevesmühlen had disappeared about a month ago with her caregiver. Now there was a message from her. “She has reported by phone from Spain and will now be picked up,” said a police spokesman on Tuesday in Wismar. The student from Grevesmühlen, who lived in a supervised residential group, had gone to the police near Valencia and said she wanted to go back now. The return transport will now organize the youth welfare office of the district. Of the 24-year-old caretaker, who had disappeared at the same time with the girl, but still missing any trace. The authorities had suspected that both had deliberately disappeared together. After the supervisor and the girl had been searched Europe-wide. Several indications that they had been seen in Hamburg or southern Germany had proved wrong. Even references to the man’s black car do not give it, said the spokesman. Schwerte: Dealer injured on the run from police The police raided an apartment in Schwerter Innenstadt last week as part of an investigation into drug-related offenses and came across a cannabis plantation. The 31-year-old suspect tried to escape. For this, the man with two kilograms of marijuana climbed over a canopy from the apartment on the first floor. When he tried to hang himself down on a flagpole, the mast collapsed, and the man fell from about three meters into the depths. He hurt himself badly. He was arrested by the police. The plastic bags with the two kilograms of marijuana as well as a knife were taken care of. During the search of the apartment, the officials found a manipulated electrical box, from which a power line led to another apartment. In this apartment a professional cannabis plantation with nearly 500 cuttings was found. In addition, the investigators found another 216 grams of marijuana, which were predominately portioned already for street sale. Pre-trial detention order was issued against the 31-year-old and the 27-year-old householder. The investigation continues. Menden: Players and coaches get into a fight after football match In Menden, North Rhine-Westphalia, there was a dispute after a football game on Saturday afternoon. According to police, there was a dispute between the coach of the home team and a player of the guest team at 16.30. Here is a 13-year-old Hemeran first offended a 45-year-old Mendener. In the quarrel, the father of the boy interfered. Together they pushed the 45-year-old, who fell to the ground. The 13-year-old should have kicked the man two more times. The victim was slightly injured. The incident was reported yesterday afternoon. The police investigate for dangerous bodily injury.

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