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With the Brexit, the Irish Passport Takes Off – en.live-feeds.com

Many Britons ask for an Irish passport. Whether they are Northern Irish, Scottish or Londoners, all want, in case of Brexit, to retain the privileges granted to European Union citizens.

It is the turn of the number 337. Dossier under the arm and ticket in hand, a dozen people wait for their turn. Located in the heart of Dublin, the passport office is submerged. Fortunately, the processing of requests is shared with the agency Cork (second city of the country) which is expected to hire 72 additional people in 2019. Since the Brexit, the Irish passport is tearing.

Benefit from free movement

In 2018, nearly 200,000 Britons applied for Irish sesame, a 22% increase in requests from 2017. Ruth Allum, a Belfast mother, is one of the 84,855 North-Irish claiming a stamped passport. a harp in 2018. "Since the signing of the Good Friday agreement in 1998 (which puts an end to thirty years of conflict), all Northern Irish people are eligible for dual nationality", congratulates the Belfast before taking again: "If I consider myself a moderate unionist (turned towards the United Kingdom), I am primarily European. "

Among the rights granted by the European Union, there is that of free movement. And even the least attached to Ireland do not want to give up this privilege, as this inhabitant of Londonderry / Derry (Northern Ireland): "I hate Ireland but I still asked for dual nationality. " Why ? "JI go on vacation to Sete every summer and I do not want to be stuck in the queue when arriving at the airport He explains, showing some of his vacation photos. The man is not at a contradiction: "In 2016, I voted to leave the European Union because I had the impression that Angela Merkel decided everything … Yet, I love Europe. "

Theresa May, last wishes before the Brexit storm

Justify an Irish parent or grandparent

The ease of obtaining the Irish passport encourages Northers to get one. All you have to do is go to one of the post offices that provides registration forms and build a file. In the other provinces of the United Kingdom, an Irish parent or grandparent must be shown to be a citizen of Ireland. This is the case of Casey-Jean Thorpe: "I'm Scottish but both of my parents are Irish," He says.

However, there are other ways to get one: "I discovered that having a grandmother in Northern Ireland was enough to qualify for the passport," explains Jeff living in London. This young father registered shortly after the result of the referendum in 2016: "My son was not born yet and I had to move quickly so he could then have the opportunity to apply for Irish citizenship. "

Dublin prepares for "no deal"

Like many Britons, Jeff does not intend to live in Ireland. Which annoys some Irish people. "I understand their approach but I find it a shame that the Irish passport is distributed to people who have no appetite for the country", says Aydan a young Dublin student who is waiting at the passport office. Her neighbor replies: " Very high demand is causing delays for those who really need it, " she laments before getting up at the call of his number. " Finally ", She sighs.

Audrey Parmentier in Dublin


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