With the Copa América in sight


The Paraguayan Beach Soccer Team activated today in the afternoon at the “Los Pynandi” World Cup stadium, closing its fifth day of work in this new week of preparation for the Copa América 2022 that will be played in our country in the month of May.

Once the final list of players was known, the 12 players mobilized with intensity, fulfilling various tasks such as speed and resistance work to then carry out tasks with the ball, under the coordination of the physical trainer, Eduardo González and the supervision of the coach, Joaquín Molas .

The white-haired goalkeeper, Yoao Rolón, spoke of the expectations of the selected ones a week before the competition. “For me it is a new opportunity to show the best of each one, since the Copa América is played here in Paraguay, where the main objective is to reach the top and for that we have to be well prepared,” Rolón said.

“Personally, I feel very good, I work hard both emotionally and mentally, I feel prepared and hopefully we can leave the title here at home. I have a lot of faith in this team, since we had the South American League where it helped us to see where we are standing “Day by day I give my best in practice and waiting for the Copa América to start”.

For his part, the experienced player Gustavo Benítez highlighted the work that Los Pynandi have been doing. “HWe have been training for several weeks and I think we arrived in the best way”. Likewise, he spoke of the great responsibility that the national team has, a new challenge that we have in front of us again here at home after that World Cup campaign and, now we have this revenge and the main objective is to leave the Copa América here at home”.

“After that championship we had in Santa Fe, personally, thank God, I am in very good physical and emotional condition and I am just waiting for my debut against Chile,” he concluded.

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