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Home Tech With the easyJet poster, digital is at the top of the charts

With the easyJet poster, digital is at the top of the charts

It's a campaign for easyJet that will mark this 45e Grand Prix of External Communication, held in Dublin from 7 to 9 February, a white stone. Never before, a poster designed around a digital device had indeed won the Grand Prix.

And here is a creative approach, both simple and poetic, for the low-cost airline easyJet, "won the piece". The key to its success? Neither the cost of the campaign nor the brilliance of the text or artistic direction. But a two step approach. First create the event with a tarpaulin on a building under renovation, the text would be written upside down … But whose message – "Bordeaux, the sky is at your feet" – would appear almost magically on the surface of the water. Then bet on the fact that all those who would spot it, photograph it to "instagram" or "facebook" to their followers. Sharing – for free – the emotion experienced by the campaign with dozens, if not hundreds, of individuals who, themselves, would rest with hundreds of others.

" Mirror effect "

"EasyJet had just inaugurated 30 new destinations from Bordeaux and wanted to let it knowsays Philippe Boucheron, creative director at the Buzzman agency. The creative team moved to Bordeaux and immediately thought about the 'mirror effect' that could be achieved with water. At night, when the monument is illuminated, the show is magnificent. From the tarp laid in October, we counted 5,000 photos taken in the space of three days. In total, 3.1 million people posted their visuals on social networks. "

The award of the Grand Prix of the Outdoor Communication to the easyJet campaign comes at a time that is everything … except neutral for a sector of outdoor communication, whose growth is increasingly driven by digital. "In 2017, the share of advertising revenue generated by the Digital out of Home (DOOH) reflected a growth of 16.1%, to 125 million euros, and 12.1% on the only 1st quarter of 2018. There were 11,510 digital devices in 2018, a 2.5-fold increase in three years "said Stéphane Dottelonde, president of the Union of Outdoor Advertising (UPE).

" Unloved "

Except … that creative people treat digital creation with the greatest circumspection. Hence the debate between posters and creative organized by Matthieu Elkaim, president of the jury and creative director of Ogilvy Paris, before the establishment of Palmarès. A way to burst the abscess from the outset. "Digital signage is the bad thing about outdoor advertising, did he declare. We had trouble finding powerful communications in the work we received. Hence the question: 'Why do we, creative agencies, fail to design more nuggets for digital outdoor communication?' "

A new media

The answers flared: "Cumbersome urban legislation", "Often very short production time required for these posters", "Cost too high of a digital poster compared to that of social networks", even "The DOOH is often just the animated image, while the poster must address the collective intelligence."

But the posters "held" their answers: "You have to consider DOOH as a new medium. We moved on to something else, requiring a different way of thinking. If we just leave the paper poster to work, we run the risk of failure ", responded, almost simultaneously, Philippe Baudillon, president of Clear Channel France, and Valérie Decamp, president of Mediatransports.

But Jean-Charles Decaux, president of the Grand Prix and also CEO of JCDecaux, was the most direct: "Five years ago, we did not have the technical ability to make digital creative devices. The DOOH media was stammering. In five years' time, digital signage will represent, according to the markets, around 50% of our activity in turnover and, to be successful in this segment, we will have to benefit from a creation that will have to be of very good quality. to bring the best solutions to brands. " In this context, the award of the Grand Prix to the easyJet campaign by the creative jury is a significant victory for the posters.

Véronique Richebois

Special Envoy in Dublin (Republic of Ireland)


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