With the harvest of fruit it looks pale. What will be the least this year? OVERVIEW

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The data result from the first processed estimates registered in the Register of Orchards of the Central Inspection and Testing Institute of Agriculture (ÚKZÚZ). The estimate of the fruit harvest is valid as of June 15, and so far it looks like the apricots will be significantly below the five-year average. Compared to 2015-2019, this year the harvest of this type of fruit will be at 34 percent (see table below).

It also looks bad with the cherry harvest, which is estimated to be 48 percent on average this year, and the peach, which is at 68 percent. An below-average harvest is probably expected in apples (88 percent). “The Golden Delicious variety is still the most grown in apple orchards, the average yield of which has increased by about a quarter in the last year, and the Gala variety is the second most grown,” says ÚKZÚZ spokeswoman Ivana Kršková.

Comparison of the estimate of the fruit harvest as of 15 June 2020 with the 5-year average of the harvest

The pear harvest is estimated at 94 percent of the average. “Larger fluctuations are evident in individual regions, where cherries and apricots in particular were severely damaged, especially in southern Moravia, by the effects of late spring frosts. These also affected kernels, especially in terms of fruit quality,” adds Kršková.

But the plums are doing well this year, it seems. Their harvest is at 105 percent of the five-year average, there will probably be fewer of them than last year. “In the first two decades of June, there were extreme totals of precipitation in the Czech Republic accompanied by hail.

Fruit has risen sharply since the beginning of this year; compared to last year, prices are even double. Kiwi, tangerines, mangoes and limes were the most expensive. It is therefore mainly imported fruit, with measures mainly linked to the coronavirus pandemic.



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