With the hero of the Vrútek said goodbye to hundreds of people. The deceased teacher had a hard life

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On Friday the funeral arrived family, friends, current and former students or colleagues. All came to honor the memory of the deceased the deputy director, who eight days ago took the life of a former elementary school student in Vrútkách. Jaroslav Budz an attacker with a knife, heroically stood up to protect the others.

The speech pronounced by his friend from childhood, who had to difficult task to handle on your round birthday. “He was a big man, from the perspective of charisma, from the point of view of education, from the point of view of the universal wisdom. And he did all he could to surrender to others,” quoted from the funeral speech of Ján Cígera portal tvnoviny.sk.

Jaroslav had a hard life. Due to the insidious disease came first, about a wife and subsequently a son. He could but cheer up, the second time he got married and three years ago was born a daughter. In addition to her left in this world also have a second daughter Maria, which six years ago gave a grandchild.

Representatives Vrútek been suggested that a brave teacher to grant posthumous honorary citizenship. A hero called him also by the Slovak prime minister Igor Matovič. President Susan Čaputové says he will submit his name to the award of state honours posthumously.

A 62year-old Jaroslav Budz taught mathematics and chemistry for children was fairly popular. He died 11. June while trying to stop an armed assailant, who forcibly broke into the school building with a knife. He managed to stab four other people, two of them schoolchildren, before police caught and shot.

Check out footage of the destruction of the attacker:



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