With the prohibition of driving vehicles, Ecuadorian was left that impacted three cars

With the prohibition of driving vehicles, Ecuadorian was left that impacted three cars

TO At about 2:00 PM, the control hearing was held
detention of the Ecuadorian citizen María Alejandra Solorzano, 30
years old, who on Saturday April 14 had a day, smooth and
plainly, for oblivion. Approximately,
  At 2030 hours of that day, the woman, who has permanence
definitive in our country, took possession of the place of pilot of the
Toyota brand white car, model Carina, and without a license
Driving began to circulate around the sector of Avenida Circunvalación. Without
  However, there was another detail that made the situation more dramatic:
in addition to not having papers that allowed him to drive freely through
the streets of our country, the accused was drunk, according to
  words of the prosecutor Wendoline Acuña. “She
  He worked in drunk driving and without having
obtained a driver’s license on Avenida Circunvalación. And upon arrival
  to number 1670, which is next to a church that is in that
place, evangelical church, called ‘Mission of the Lord’s Church’,
The following vehicles were parked: NY8123, the
vehicle patent HLXW17 and the car plate patent FSYZ56. In the wake of
driving while intoxicated of the accused, she loses the
control of the car in the aforementioned place and impacts the
parked. After this fact, the defendant descends from the vehicle that
He was driving and, on foot, he was traveling along Avenida Circunvalación, fleeing
of the place, being followed by a witness, who performs as a goalkeeper
of the evangelical church, who observes the behavior of the
imputed, indicating that she was disoriented and that she was
  while intoxicated, this person calling Carabineros and
  it points out and the union as the one that had previously committed this
crime, “said the lawyer. TO
  This, the prosecutor Acuña replied that “the detention procedure
  Dona Solorzano is in full compliance with the law, as
motivates the detention of the citizen has to do with the facts that
happened after the arrest of Mrs. María
  Solorzano Huber, and that in agreement it consists in the police part, it
refer, fundamentally, to the aggressive behavior of one’s own
imputed It is not appropriate to transfer that conduct or responsibility to the
police officers, since from the moment n
  who was taken to the hospital, the doctor found that this situation
particular that Mrs. Solorzano presented, with psychomotor agitation,
  euphoria, verbiage, and all that comes off and at least it’s coherent
  with the behavior that he then held inside the dungeon of
hit herself And, subsequently, it had to be taken,
again, to the care facility to verify injuries. ” He
  magistrate Juan Olivares, in the end, decreed regional roots and
suspension of your driver’s license, which means the prohibition
absolute to drive any type of motor vehicle, although as
it was already said the citizen of Ecuadorian nationality did not have this
document. 30 days were decreed as a deadline to investigate the cause, being the accused in freedom.

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