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Home Health With these four supposed helpers you make a cold even worse

With these four supposed helpers you make a cold even worse

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Some home remedies are not for everyone – they can even stretch a cold. Which habits you should take better.

Everyone has their secret recipe to get a cold over quickly – or at least to make symptoms such as headaches and throat and cold more bearable. But not all tips and tricks against a cold are also helpful.

Cold: These "helpers" only make things worse

Some behaviors even prolong a coldas the news portal Focus reported. For example, the notorious "Sweat Cold" – a myth that persists. Four "cold-helper" – which are not at all – at a glance:

1. Swallow the cold out

Crawl into bed with a hot water bottle and a warm scarf: A good idea for a cold. A visit to the sauna on the other hand loads the already weakened circulation immensely, The hot air also favors germs that can multiply better – so you better not go to the sauna, if you have a cold.

2. Hot grog against the common cold

There are some who swear by alcohol in case of a cold – but doctors warn: Alcohol weakens an already compromised immune system in addition and deprives the body of liquid, which he needs to fight a cold. Even warm beer – a favorite in Bavaria "health recipe" – does not help with cold, Unlike non-alcoholic beer: the ingredients of the contained hops have a sleep-inducing effect – and good sleep is one of the most important remedies for colds.

How often do you have a cold?

3. Warm milk with honey when coughing

Often a cold is accompanied by cough. Then the home remedy "warm milk with honey" is not very helpful: The supposed nightcap stimulates the formation of mucus in the throat, which promotes the cough even more, Drink better aniseed or thyme tea for cough.

cough? For this reason, chocolate works better than cough syrup,

4. Antibiotics

Antibiotics only work if you have caught a bacterial infection. In the case of a cold, however, most of the cases are viral infections – here antibiotics do nothing and even harm. Because the more frequently antibiotics are used, the greater the risk that bacteria will develop resistance to the drug,

On the other hand, you can read about the remedies you can quickly get rid of the common cold here: The next wave of colds is rolling in – home remedies and medications that will help you get back into shape quickly.

more on the subject: Cold – can I be infected by kissing?

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These viruses and bacteria make us sick


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