With these photos Ansel Adams has made the Yosemite Valley world famous


They are icons of Schwaz white photography: the recordings of Ansel Adams. His technically perfect High Sierra landscape shots, especially from California's Yosemite National Park, have lured generations of nature lovers into the landscapes he photographs.

The San Francisco-born photographer (1902-1984) co-founded the f / 64 group – the term for the smallest f-number of a camera – that formed in the United States in the early 1930s. Its members included the photographer Edward Weston and the photographer Imogen Cunningham, who in their clear aesthetic understood as a countermovement to the then prevailing and verklärenden style of pictorialism.

"A great photograph is one that expresses completely what one feels in the very meaning of the word in terms of what is being photographed," Ansel Adams once said. Actually, he wanted to be a concert pianist and was incidentally a photographer. However, 1929 received from the park administration, the Yosemite Park and Curry Company. commissioned to photograph the valley in the winter, so that tourists not only visit the valley during the summer months.

The large-format plate camera produced the high-contrast and extremely sharp images of the granite colossi, especially from the Half Dome. He photographed this motive again and again over the decades.

Adams also wrote textbooks translating in German such as "The Camera" and "The Positive as a Photographic Image," and was on the board of the Sierra Club, the oldest and largest conservation organization in the United States.

His famous paintings from the Yosemite Valley have now appeared in a new book titled "Ansel Adams' Yosemite". For the illustrated book, Pete Souza, the official photographer of President Obama in the White House, wrote a foreword in which he writes: "In today's most colorful world of online photography, his pictures stand out more than ever."

You can also click through the following photo series:


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