Entertainment With "What will be left of it?", Tim Dup...

With "What will be left of it?", Tim Dup confirms a delicate and undeniable talent


The young singer Tim Dup has just released his second album, "What will be left of it?", After having toured, traveled a lot, developed a poetic, social and environmental conscience that is fully expressed in this disc.

When you are 25, the world is still full of promise of discovery. For Timothée Duperray, named a year ago to Victoires de la Musique as "Revelation Scene", making this second album consisted first of all in traveling, to New York, Japan or around the corner.

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And the impression that this disc gives off is that of a calm assurance, the digestion of a life and a profession that the young man discovered by turning intensely these last three years. Tim Dup placed all his inspirations there, his words of perpetual love and blissful melancholy. His questions, too, right down to the album title, What will remain of it? : "This question appeals to me because it brings us back to a certain humility, we are very little."And in these many questions, the awareness of the passage of time and which damages the planet.

It's really concrete now, we have forests burning on all continents, migrations not yet really climatic (…) This fight unites this generation, and it's not so bad to have a common fightTimothée Duperray, known as Tim Dup

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Beautiful uninhibited French song, fed by electro and hip-hop in places, perfectly of its time, fed by the sounds of a city, too. With Place Hope, he signs a magnificent song on Place de la République, in Paris. "What I like, he says is that there is obviously the political weight of this place, the convergence of struggles, terrorist attacks Charlie Hebdo to those of Bataclan, then all the fights around the ecology, pensions, yellow vests … And besides that something much more daily: it is a place like everywhere in France, where there is people who cross paths."Writing, not the least of the qualities of Tim Dup, inspired author and sensitive performer, installed to last.

Tim Dup, confirmation did not wait for the (very beautiful) second album

Tim Dup, What will remain of it? (Columbia). Album available. In concert on March 27 in Paris (La Cigale).


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