withdrawn from supermarkets these products

As is often the case, even these days have been some products were withdrawn from supermarket shelves as a precaution, which could be very dangerous if consumed, since they have been found inside even fragments of metal and glass (and it’s not the first time, here the previous one in mid-August).

Of course, these are only some specific production batches, which the Ministry of Health clearly indicates in its safety notices or in the recalls by commercial operators.

The products recalled for the presence of metal and glass

On 12 September a type of salad was recalled due to the possible presence of glass fragments inside.

This is theGood Choice brand potato salad with oil and vinegar 1 kgsold by the famous supermarket chain ALDIcon:

  • Wojnar’s Wiener Leckerbissen identification mark
  • made in Vienna
  • with expiry date 21 September 2022.

The product must not be consumed and can be returned to all ALDI branches. The sale price will be refunded even in the absence of the receipt. For any requests for clarification, please contact the ALDI Customer Service at the following number: +39 800 370 370 (Mon-Fri 8: 30-17: 00, Sat 8: 00-14: 00).

On September 13, however, a type of cheese was withdrawn due to the possible presence of possible foreign metal bodies inside.

This is the President brand goat logproduced by Société Fromagere De Riblaire and sold by biG Srl, with these characteristics:

  • 200g – expiry date 6 October 2022 – production batch 227AD05320
  • 200g – expiry date 12 October 2022 – production batch 232CB05320
  • 1 kg – expiry date 25 October – production batch 238ACN360
  • 1 kg – expiry date 25 October – production batch 238ACN72.

As a precaution, people who have purchased products belonging to these lots are recommended not to consume them and return them to the point of sale. Consumers can contact the toll-free number at 800191039 on weekdays including Saturday mornings.

Here the products that are increasing the most in the expenses of Italians.

How Product Recalls Work

We remember that the food business operators, the so-called FBOs, have the obligation to inform their customers about non-compliance found in foods placed on the market and to withdraw the product from the market.

In addition to the withdrawal, in the event that the product has already been sold to the consumer, the FBO must also provide for the recall, that is consumers must also be informed on risky products, too by means of signage specific in the points of sale, and to publish thesame recall notice on the specific area of ​​the Ministry of Health website.

The publication of the recall on the Ministry’s internet portal is by the Region competent for the territory, which receives it directly from the FBO, after evaluation by the ASl.

In addition to the recalls of food products, the revocations of recalls following favorable analysis results, expiration or for other reasons are also published online.

The Ministry of Health clarifies that only the recalls and their revocations published on its portal are authentic and fulfill the obligations to inform consumers. The Ministry of Health is not responsible for notices not published on the portal and for any manipulations or fakes disseminated online, for which it reserves the right to report to the judicial authority. So watch out for the news you find on the net, especially on click-catching news sites.