Without a doctor or medicine for 8 years a town in the south of Q. Roo

CHETUMAL, Q. Roo.- Although the community of San Fernando It has a new medical dispensary, for 8 years it has not had a doctor or medicines, despite the fact that it is located more than two hours and more than one hundred kilometers from the rural area of ​​the municipality of Bacalar.

In the town of less than a thousand inhabitants, lives Emiliano Poot May, who recognizes that this situation puts the population at risk that, for the most part, are children and older adults, especially during the current health crisis.

“For eight years we have not had a doctor in the community, so when there is an emergency we have to travel to Bacalar or Chetumal, paying up to a thousand pesos of freight, plus consultations and medications, “he lamented.

He said that because of the lack of employment, the majority of young people and heads of household they have had to migrate to other areas of the state, where there are more sources of work, which further aggravates the situation, as he assured that most of the inhabitants of San Fernando are children and the elderly.

Forbidden to get sick

“We have the population most prone to getting sick; however, we do not have a doctor who attends daily, getting sick is forbidden here, especially because sometimes there is no money to go outside to consult ”, he added.

He said that the precarious situation does not respect people such as pregnant women, sick children or the elderly with diabetes; who need attention medical must invest a lot of money.

“The reality is that due to the lack of medicines, the elderly and children have died because there is not even a suture or to treat poisoning, and there is no doctor they have to move to Bacalar”, He reiterated.

Faced with this situation, he asked the State Health Secretariat (Sesa) to send doctors because the situation cannot continue like this, since many people from other neighboring communities attended consultations in this town, since It is the only one in the area that has a dispensary doctor, whose construction cost was more than one million pesos.

“If they don’t want to send us doctors, to send us even the caravans of health, I was a delegate and sent dozens of documents both to the municipal president of Bacalar and to Sesa, but neither of them has been able to respond to us in so many years, “he said.


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