Without authorization for its stands, Comac was dislodged by the police in Louvain-la-Neuve

So far, nothing to report. But during the day, the Comac students were checked by the police who demanded that their stands be removed. In a press release and on social networks, they cry out against police intimidation and “an attack on democratic freedoms and freedom of expression on our campus”.

The local police chief, Maurice Levêque, speaks of a non-event. “We were informed that they were occupying public space without authorization. A team therefore intervened to make them pack up and took their identity for a possible administrative sanction. But that is managed by the city.”

As for the presence of the police dog, which made a strong impression on some students, the commissioner specified that the dog handler was on patrol for Welcome Day and that he came to see if everything was going well for his colleagues. “He stayed at a distance.”

“Comac is not subject to any targeted intervention”

The head of the body assures that Comac is not the subject of targeted interventions by the police. “But they are not above the law. If they wanted to hold a stand to express their point of view, all they had to do was request authorization from the City, as for any occupation of public space. And they would have had no problem getting it. To sum up, we made a call to the norm.”

Mayor Julie Chantry (Écolo) does not say anything else: “That day, I received a call from a person from Comac who was very surprised that the police were dislodging them and was offended that they had only checked their stand when, according to the other stands had not asked for authorization either. I inquired and in fact, the stands on the Grand-Place were subject to a general authorization within the framework of the Welcome Day. outside of this organization and should have sought permission.”