“Without covid I’m sure I’d still be at Arsenal”

Raúl Sanllehí, general director of Real Zaragoza, praises the project “unique and fantastic” of the new ownership of the Aragonese club and is pleased to be part of it with the aim of returning to «a historical entity to the place where it belongs». This is how the Catalan exposes it in an interview granted to the British media The Athletic UK. “The project is definitely value-driven, it’s not about speculation. The potential is obvious.”he assures.

“We all want to move up this year, but I don’t feel pressured to do it, not even next year.”

The Zaragoza leader trusts that the Aragonese team will return to the First Division soon, but «patience is very scarce in football. That is very clear to me, and especially here in Zaragoza, after 10 years in Second “, dice. «The Second Division is crazy. You can beat any rival and also lose. We all want to move up this year, but I don’t feel pressured to do that, not even next year.” affirms the general director of the Aragonese entity.

In this sense, Sanllehí recognizes that “As long as we can show that we are on the right path, we will be fine. But nothing makes sense without being in the First Division. We need to do things right to get there.” and wield that “We have taken advantage of the network that we have, not only with the clubs but also with the strong connections that I have with the agents. I wanted them to understand that this is a great project for a player: each home game with 25,000 people, the pressure of the media… There is no other team in Second like this».

The interview also covers his time at Arsenal, where he was director of football until two years ago. “I loved it. You can’t imagine the people in the club, the history of the entity… I really felt that I was on top of the world. I appreciated the owners, the Kroenke family, but the last ten months have been horrible. I had to fire 55 people without knowing that I was 56”indica.

“I had to fire 55 people without knowing that I was 56”


For Sanllehí, covid was the trigger for his departure. “I didn’t feel betrayed by the Kroenkes. They had the LA Rams, the Denver Nuggets, the Colorado Rapids, and all of a sudden all of those teams couldn’t play because of the stoppage of competitions during the pandemic. But you had to pay the salaries and the income was not guaranteed. They panicked, but a logical panic, like everyone else. Without covid I’m sure I would still be there as my relationship with the Kroenkes was wonderful.”says.