Without Food We Will Die

COLOMBO, – Sri Lanka’s situation this week is increasingly worrying.

On Friday (20/502022), thousands of people lined up to buy gas and gasoline in Sri Lanka’s commercial capital.

Reported ReutersPrime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe also warned of food shortages.

This all happened at a time when the island nation was battling an increasingly frenzied economic crisis.

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Queues formed Friday in many parts of Colombo, a city of about 900,000 people.

Residents try to buy fuel, most of which is imported and in very limited supply because the government is running out of foreign exchange.

“Only about 200 canisters were sent, even though around 500 people arrived,” said Mohammad Shazly, a part-time driver who queued for the third day.

He hopes to be able to buy cooking gas for his family of five.

Hundreds more lined up, with empty cylinders by their sides.

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“Without gas, without kerosene, we can’t do anything,” said Shazly.