Without patients, in some hospitals and private clinics in Ecuador, the areas for COVID-19 were closed | Ecuador | News

The Government insisted that the population go to get vaccines against the coronavirus.

At private health sector there is also a decrease in patients afflicted by coronavirus, and in some hospitals and clinics in this area, the areas that they had been destined to COVID-19.

“Most of them have told me that they no longer have patientsSome for two months, others for a month and a half, others for a month; It is clear, then, that the situation is quite good (…). In some hospitals the COVID areas are closed … ”, he said Ana Delgado, who is the executive director of the Association National of Private Clinics and Hospitals of Ecuador.

That guild groups 43 clinics and hospitals and 21 specialized dialysis centers in nine provinces.

This decrease in people is attributed to vaccination against the coronavirus, to respect for biosecurity measures, such as the use of a mask by part of the general population, as well as to the epidemiological surveillance carried out by the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) when it detects the presence of the virus.

In some of the hospitals in the network of the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) -As the Teacher from Calderón, in the north of the capital; Luz Elena Arismendi (maternity) and Enrique Garcés, in the south of Quito; Baca Ortiz (pediatric) and Eugenio Espejo, in the north center of the city— there were no patients afflicted by coronavirus, In the past week.

In other hospitals, such as the Armed Forces, there are enabled spaces to attend to eventual infections, but the area for COVID was used for other diseases.

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In those of Social Security fewer people are registered to be treated for the pandemic.

In one of the Guayaquil hospitals, Delgado added, 85% of those who had entered the last group were unvaccinated.

Delgado maintained that, except for a couple of months in Guayaquil, where the pandemic hit hard, in the rest of the country always Areas were maintained to serve both COVID and non-COVID patients.

There are almost no patients affected by coronavirus in health units in Quito

The Minister of Health, Ximena Garzón, asked the population to go to be vaccinated and indicated that they have doses of AstraZeneca, CanSino, Pfizer y Sinovac.

Garzón stated that the delta variant of the coronavirus, which is the most prevalent, it has been very well controlled”With the epidemiological surveillance that has been applied, but that to avoid an outbreak requires citizen support receiving the vaccine, maintaining biosafety measures, such as the use of a mask, social distancing, hand washing, use of alcohol-gel.

We don’t want there to be a big bud that it gets out of hand and that we have to paralyze all economic activities again, ”Garzón said, after a meeting with the national Emergency Operations Committee (COE) in which representatives of Ecuadorian professional soccer were also present.

In Guayaquil, 7 establishments closed due to disrespect for anti-coronavirus measures

Cut to September 24, according to a report from the Ministry of Public Health (MSP), in the Complementary Private Health Network there was 16% occupancy in hospitalization, 8% in intermediate care and 18% in intensive care unit (ICU). (I)

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