Witness .. A citizen documents an attempt to defraud him by a caller under the pretext of updating his bank information

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented the moment a citizen exposed a scammer who wanted to know his bank details under the pretext of updating the data.

The “fraudulent” said in a phone call: “I ask you to follow the steps of the update with us. Jack is now a notification on your Riyad Bank mobile phone,” and asked him to inform him of the update number that he received in the notification.

The citizen replied: “What I know is that updating the data is through the application or from the same bank.” The fraudster added, saying: Dear customer, we sent you notifications on January 19 by e-mail so that the bank could review and update your data, and you did not update it now. The update has expired, and I am updating you with the data. The account will be active for you for the year 2023.

The fraudster asked him to give him the password in a message, so the citizen replied that the bank calls its customers through a fixed phone, not a mobile phone. The fraudster replied: We are in the Updates Department. We have a mobile number that we correspond with customers from inside and outside the Kingdom, and the call is recorded.

And the citizen continued: If you were a bank employee, you could enter the system without giving you a security password, and I don’t know where you got these things from.

For his part, the fraudster replied that he called to inform him about the update, and if it is not done, his account will be frozen for a period of 15 days.