Witness.. Brutal torture of a girl in Ismailia after she was tied with ropes and alternated by beating her with a stick • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: A video clip circulating on social media has sparked widespread anger in Egypt, as it appears that two people severely assaulted a girl tied with ropes inside a house in Ismailia.

The security services in Egypt revealed the circumstances of the video, as it was found that her sister’s husband and her little brother had assaulted the victim by beating her after being tied with ropes at the instigation of her mother and uncle after the victim had gotten used to leaving her home, and it was also found that the victim’s sister had filmed the assault on her sister with the intention of disciplining her, according to Al-Watan. Egyptian.

Investigations indicated that this incident occurred during the year 2021, and that during the past days, a family dispute occurred between the uncle of the victim and her family, and the aforementioned subsequently published the video clip on social media in retaliation against them.

The circulating video shows a girl with a shaven head tied with ropes alternately beating her with a stick, one of whom is a child, while the girl pleads to leave her without benefit, and the video lasted about two and a half minutes.