Witness- Ibrahim Ibrahim’s last appearance reveals the only time he was a victim of a mold

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Posted: Tuesday, May 12 2020 – 16:52
5/12/2020 4:52:57 PM

The death of the artist Ibrahim Nasr was absent from our world and he passed away at the age of 70 after a struggle with disease.

Death deprives Ibrahim Nasr of watching his latest films

The last appearance of the artist Ibrahim Nasr, through a television interview with the journalist Rami Radwan 3 weeks ago, on the evening DMC program, during which he talked about his rituals in Ramadan, indicating that he is following what the audience is following and enjoying the same.

During the intervention, he talked about the type of landfill programs that are currently presented and that they rely on frightening scenes that cause panic instead of laughter and humor, and revealed his exposure to a mold in one of the episodes where he was a shoe shoe victim and after many arguments he raised a wooden box towards him but he managed to protect himself and those around him.

He also shared his memories with his prank programs, and the comedy situations he was exposed to, including falling into the hands of a lady who was hired to hit people.

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