Wizards leader Bill has not yet decided whether he will play in the NBA season – Basketball

Bill continues to train to be ready for the rest of the NBA season, but he has not yet decided whether he will help the Wizards at all.

“I have yet to accept mine [lēmums], “the Wizards team leader said in a video conference conversation with reporters.

Bill stated that the decision would be greatly influenced by how well he managed to cope with microtraumas.

“I train every day, because if I play. More or less the decision will be made by the medical staff.”

Bill also expressed satisfaction that he could return to the Wizards training base to keep himself in shape.

It has already been reported that Bertan decided not to play in the NBA season so as not to risk being injured before the free agent market, where he can get the most financially advantageous contract in his career.

Meanwhile, several other players have decided not to play later in the season for fear of developing coronavirus-induced Covid-19 disease.


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