Woking fireworks were evacuated tonight as thousands gathered to celebrate the Bonfire Night.

The celebration was interrupted after a major incident.

Woking Park was evacuated and landed an air ambulance for a "serious incident".

All members of the public were evacuated from the park.

According to reports, the incident occurred at 7.45 pm tonight at the fairgrounds.

The fireworks were moved.

The police confirmed on Twitter: "We evacuated Woking Park this evening, where people gathered for the fireworks celebrations after Helter Skelter collapsed on the fairgrounds.

"We work with ambulance and rescue service colleagues."

Around 12,000 people were expected to attend this evening.

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The organizers of the event made a statement.

It says: "I'm sorry, but the police have asked us to clear the park because of a major incident in the fairgrounds.

"The fireworks will therefore not take place tonight.

"We will release more information as soon as possible."

The participants of the event had an understanding in the social media.

One wrote: "I understand that the parties are okay."

"I hope everyone is fine," added another.

"Oh no … I hope who got hurt, will be fine :(," wrote another.

There is no confirmation regarding injuries.

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Surrey Police later confirmed: "We had to evacuate the whole thing Woking Park area so that the air ambulance can land. If you are still in the area, please follow the instructions of the officers and make your way home. "



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