Wolff regained Hamilton’s possible retreat

Toto Wolff still hopes Lewis Hamilton will not retire from last year’s Grand Duchy of Abu Dhabi. The Mercedes team chief said that if he did, he thought it would be his fault.

The FIA ​​announced this week that it had begun an investigation into last year’s Grand Duchy of Abu Dhabi, which could have a major impact on Lewis Hamilton’s future. The seven-time world champion did not comment on this development in any form, ie he will continue to listen to it. Toto Wolff, on the other hand, said after the 50th set day Crown newspaperand again expressed the hope that his club would be there at the start in the 2022 season.

Wolff janur 12-n tlttte be az 50-etForrs: AFP/Andrej Isakovic

“It’s a realm of power,” Wolff commented that he had filled the second X. – You will be an official adult by the time you are on the ground. That’s bad. I should take it seriously. That’s why I use my cheese figures, and in an attempt to avoid the number, my wife and I celebrated my forty-nine plus individual set days. “

Wolff said he was happy for the time being and the finals, but he would never be able to forget that Hamilton had lost last year’s World Championship. Not Mercedes, not Hamilton, only the race director.Let’s never forget, because what happened to Lewis is simply not right. It was unbeatable that day until the race director knocked out the commissioner and decided not to break the rules three times. It’s hard to understand, and you’ll always be with us, even if Max Verstappen remembers the season as the world champion. But that day, one was better than the other, and he didn’t win, ”says srddtt Wolff.

At the same time, the head of the Mercedes team does not want to take last year’s offenses to this year, saying they will be able to separate the two, and after drawing their conclusions, they want to take it back. However, he could not get around the question about Hamilton’s future, which again he could only say that he hopes that the seven-time world champion will not retreat, and if that is the fault of Formula 1.

Hamilton no longer makes a statement or speaks in public mediaForrs: AFP / John Thys

“No matter what kind of obstacles they were pushing, he was fully aware that he had to answer. It is very difficult for him to understand what is right and what is not. It takes time. I really hope to see you again, the most important member of our sport. It would be a testimony to the poverty of the whole Formula 1 if the best picture was taken in favor of the retreat. “

Hamilton’s decision will largely depend on the outcome of the FIA ​​investigation and whether the coalition will replace Michael Masit. There is no official information about the latter yet, but the name of the Australian specialist is not on this year’s FIA list.