Wolfgang Mückstein is “proud” of compulsory corona vaccination – politics

Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein clearly supports compulsory vaccination. “I’m proud of this draft law,” he said shortly before the decision was made.

In the National Council, a heated debate raged between the FPÖ and the rest of the House in the run-up to the decision to make vaccination mandatory. NEOS and SPÖ support the turquoise-green draft law after a few changes, only the blue ones continue to oppose it.

Chaos in Vienna

The mood was also heated on the streets of Vienna. Many at once smaller demo trains marched through the city, caused blockages and traffic jams on their way. The demonstrators were accompanied by dozens of police officers in full gear and a storm of blue lights. At 3 p.m weather fall then for sudden cooling: a sleet shower broke over the federal capital, within minutes streets and roofs were white.

For the executive, too, the ring suddenly became a slippery pavement – ​​and there was a crash. Read more: Storm and demo chaos – police cars crash on the ring

Amidst all the hustle and bustle inside and outside Parliament, Health Minister spoke out Wolfgang Mueckstein (Greens) via Twitter to the population. In his message, he not only defends compulsory vaccination, but reveals that he is “proud” of this draft law.

“We don’t make it easy for ourselves”

Mückstein verbatim: “With the present draft law, we have a large lever in our hands – and above all, for the first time a particularly sustainable one – in the fight against the pandemic.”

“The obligation to vaccinate will help us above all in the fight against upcoming virus variants. This way we can finally escape from this cycle of opening and closing, waves and lockdowns.”

“We don’t make it easy for ourselves. We act with foresight. That’s not the only reason I’m proud of this draft law. But also because the obligation to vaccinate is based on a really broad foundation.”

thanks and appeal

The Minister of Health then thanked everyone who had taken part in the discussion about compulsory vaccination: “Many thanks to the numerous voices from (civil) society, the religious communities, but also the parties, above all SPÖ and NEOS.”

As always, his message ends with an appeal: “Get vaccinated! Vaccination is safe, vaccination works”, confirms Mückstein. The booster in particular also protects against a serious illness with omicron.

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