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Wolves Hoop Squad host a men identification camp in the GPRC

GPRC Wolves support Liam O'Hallahan at the Alberta College Sports Conference against the NAIT College Ooks at the GPRC gym. The wolves organize their annual spring camp at the university this weekend.

Randy Vanderveen

The GPRC Wolves men's basketball team is hosting its annual ID camp at the GPRC gym this weekend.

Forty-three players – from B.C., Alberta and the USA – participated in the three-day ID camp last April, but this year's number has dropped to a lesser number, as Wolves head coach Evan Lloyd explains.

"We have 13 guys," Wolves head coach Evan Lloyd said when asked how many players pre-registered for the camp. "I have a lot of people who verbally confirmed themselves from out of town, but I do not know until they show up and actually come here."

Until Thursday, Lloyd expected 20-25 participants, not the players from the current Wolves squad who will help at the weekend. Last season, the Wolves took fifth place in the North of Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) with a record 11-13.

Lloyd pointed out that 15 players had verbally opted for a weekend, but he had no idea if they were going to put the intent behind the words. As it turned out, five of the 15 people rejected the offer and informed Lloyd that they would not attend.

Lloyd was asked why the raw numbers of those over 40 were present last year.

"I have no idea what it is," said Lloyd. "I think there are not many local degrees 12 coming. We have a few kids from Beaverlodge who are interested in coming [and] a few of the Grande Prairie Composite [players], "

Even at the transmission level, the numbers are low. Maybe this is a runaway year.

"It's a strange year in terms of outside interest in Alberta," said Lloyd. "Usually I get some ACAC transfers telling me that I want to come and play. It seems like a bad year. "

But it's part of Lloyd's job to turn it into a productive weekend for the boys who actually turn up to impress the coach and his staff, consisting of Troy Sanboe, Rob Levy and Lucas Gorgichuk.

Lloyd does not care about the smaller numbers, it gives him a better opportunity to watch.

"We have nearly 10 hours of lessons and playing time, so they get more repetitions and more play opportunities," said Lloyd. "It's easier for us to rate them."

Lloyd has seven players in his squad who are eligible to play next year. Therefore, there are seats in the squad 2019-20. To use a football analogy, this is not a crowded backcourt.

"I usually like to take 15 [players] with 12 on the squad and a few red-shirts, "Lloyd said. Last year Lloyd wore 18 players.

While the coach does not hand out the starting orders at the camp, he has several requirements that he wants to fulfill. The wolves did not make the playoffs in Lloyd's term and he wants to break this burglary if he can only find what he's looking for.

"We're pretty good at big spots, but I would not mind getting one more [big] "Said Lloyd. "We probably need more shooters, another guard, a pass-first guy, and guys who can defend themselves on the wing. Mostly looking for three positions. We'll see what's out there. "

Lloyd signed his first Red Shirt player for the upcoming season of ACAC tires when security guard Edmonton Nathan Kurikilodil agreed to move north.

Lloyd watched him in March at GPRC's All-Star High School basketball game.

"He has to develop a bit more, but he is a good student and athlete who wants to be at GPRC," said Lloyd. "His ability to shoot the ball is nice. He is a bit small, but fast. Hopefully, in the coming year or the following year, he can move to the point watch and handle the crime. "


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