Photo: Township of Union NJ Police Department

Authorities of New Jersey they warned the community of the metropolitan area about the presence of scammers after they sanctioned a Romanian woman who pretended to have economic needs.

Dorina Caldaras, 34, was arrested at Vauxhall Road, near Hilton Avenue, when she was requesting money from drivers. The woman had a notice saying that she needs to buy diapers for her baby.

The agents discovered that he had an iPhone X, jewelry and a wallet valued at $ 500.

The woman confessed that she is part of a network of "false beggars" that are located in the metropolitan area, from Queens to New Jersey.

"He had his freshly made nails, expensive coat and shoes"Lieutenant Victor Correia told NBC 4.

The authorities reminded residents that giving money to people on the tracks is not the right thing to do.

"If they see someone who needs help they should call the barracks," Correia said.

The woman received citations for affecting traffic and asking for money without authorization.


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