Woman claiming to be Madeleine McCann has her first high-impact interview with Dr. Phil

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  • Case Madelein McCann: Julia Faustyna Wendell
  • Julia Faustyna Primetime Interview with Dr. Phil

In case of Madeleine McCann It is one of the unsolved mysteries that continues to generate great media expectation. The next month of May it will be 16 years since her disappearance nia britnica in the location portuguese of Praia da Luz (Portugal)where he was with his parents Kate y Gerry and his twin brothers Emily y Sean.

Over the years, the researchers They have considered many theories to explain his disappearance, but the truth is that none of them have solved the case. However, just a month ago, a young polish, Julia Faustina WendellI put the medical focus on the matter by assuring that it could be the small Madeleinebecoming a viral phenomenon in Instagram where in a week he got more than a million followers.

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Case Madelein McCann: Julia Faustyna Wendell

Although the ages do not match, she claims she was adopted and has tried unsuccessfully to obtain a copy of her birth certificateso it is possible that your official age does not match your actual age. Perhaps that was why his appearance aroused great suspicion in the shelf and the familia McCann.

However, Kate y Gerry agree to make a DNA test to unravel the mystery and find out if Julia is really Madeleine. Now while you wait for the analysis resultsthe young woman has shown her determination to find out the truth about her parentage and openly cooperates with the shelf of shelves in the investigation.

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Julia Faustyna Primetime Interview with Dr. Phil

Now, it was revealed that Julia would tell her story in the first person on primetime television on one of the most watched programs on USA: Dr. Philseries directed by Phil McGraw y Hosted talk show.

Julia sits next to her advisor Fia Johanssonhe March 27th to talk about his hell and everything he has experienced in recent years. The interview will be with the renowned presenter Phil McGraw (better known as Dr. Phil), who hosts his hit show of the same name, in which he worked on a variety of cases.

When announcing the televised intervention, it was Johnson who considered that it was quite an achievement for the young woman: “I am happy to be able to give Julia a platform to speak out courageously, shed light on her violent past and hopefully bring her even closer to justice.Johansson said on his Instagram profile.