Woman expelled from amusement park because of “too short” shorts: “We are 2021, shame on you” (video)

Screenshot Facebook / Bailey Breedlove

What should have been a fun family outing turned out to be a “traumatizing” experience for American Bailey Breedlove. The woman claims to have been treated unfairly by Frontier City Six Flags amusement park staff simply because she was wearing “too short” shorts.

Bailey Breedlove and her family visited Frontier City Six Flags amusement park in Oklahoma City in the US at the end of April. The first hours in the park went without a hitch, mama Bailey tells her story on Facebook. But after two hours of fun on the rides, the fun family outing derailed. “A park security officer grabbed my shoulders and told me my shorts were too short,” writes Bailey. “I hadn’t committed a crime and just kept going to my boyfriend because I’m autistic and find it hard to talk to cops. But she continued to follow me screaming and called for reinforcements. ”

Then the “incompetent” manager of the amusement park showed up, the mother said. “He started to beat me bodyshamen. He told me to go and buy a new pair of shorts, while I am under no obligation to buy anything I don’t want. He threatened me to commit a criminal offense. I had just agreed to buy new shorts so my family could enjoy their vacation. ” According to Bailey, the fuses were completely blown. The manager escorted the family to the exit, but the security officer was there waiting for them. “She pulled out her handcuffs and asked for my ID. When we asked why, the answer was ‘because we are police’. ” At that point, Bailey decided to grab her smartphone to capture the cop’s inappropriate behavior on video.

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“Buttocks were visible”

It was a terrible experience for Bailey and her family. “I was terrified that I would have to go to prison for shorts,” it sounds. “Your agents made my 11-year-old daughter cry hysterically. She thought her mother was going to be arrested. ” It seems that Bailey eventually got off without arrest and handcuffs, but according to the mother, she was banned from the amusement park for five years. She asks for a refund of the tickets “for the trauma my family suffered, just for shorts on a hot day”. She also engaged a lawyer. “Your discrimination is illegal. I’m not letting this pass, we’re 2021, not high school. Shame on you. ”

Bailey calls the park’s dress guidelines “vague and confusing.” The Six Flags website states that the theme park “is consistent with their family-friendly environment and for safety reasons” has a dress code. “Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times in the park, including shirts and appropriate footwear. Clothing or tattoos with offensive language or images are never allowed. ”

So not a word about shorts, but in a statement, the Six Flags spokesperson said that the agent initially stopped Bailey because “her shorts showed a large part of her buttocks.” The fact that they eventually sent the woman away, according to the spokesman, has everything to do with her behavior. “She was given several opportunities to change or cover up, but refused,” he said. “Instead, she scolded us and exposed her butt even more.” The amusement park insists that it is not on bodyshaming is doing.


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