A woman had to have her toe amputated after having an infection while receiving a Thai fish pedicure that began to eat her bones. Victoria Curthoys decided to try the fish pedicure, which is a very popular method of removing dead skin from the feet, but has ultimately paid a high price.

Despite several tests and hospital visits, Victoria was told that she had contracted an infection in her foot that was eating away her bones. Finally, she had to have her toes amputated on her right foot to prevent the water-borne infection from spreading further.

(Source: YouTube)
(Source: YouTube)

The native Australian from Perth had first taken the infection in 2006 after a piece of glass. The doctors were forced to amputate half her toe to stop the spread of the disease, and she finally recovered. About four years later, in 2010, she was on vacation in Thailand, where she decided to do a fish pedicure.

Unfortunately for Victoria, the water in the tank she used was infected with a water-borne disease that invaded her body through her previous surgical wounds. When she got home, she began to suffer from fever and illness. The doctors diagnosed a bone infection known as osteomyelitis.

In 2012, Victoria had her big toe amputated, but she did not clear the infection and in the next five years her remaining four toes were also amputated.

(Source: YouTube)
(Source: YouTube)

Victoria said, "When I was in Thailand, I decided to use a fish spa, I did not think anything about it, as I watched the owner set up the system and it looked very clean, but how wrong I got another bone infection in my big toe and it took over a year for the doctors to find out what kind of beetle I had. "

"When they realized what it was, my whole toe bone was eaten away and I had been suffering from an illness all the time, and the doctors have amputated Victoria's last toe in November 2017. Victoria has been back since." trying to spread awareness about the dangers of the fish baths and has posted pictures of her foot to warn others.

"I can honestly say that my foot has never been as healthy as it is now, now I can put pressure on my foot, and at the end of the day, I've seen people with far worse injuries and life-changing diseases Doing my feet and posting them on Instagram, I hope to gain more confidence in myself and have a positive impact on others who are not happy about what their foot or leg looks like after an amputation.



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