The reliefs of the Carabinieri (Photo Crocchioni)
The reliefs of the Carabinieri (Photo Crocchioni)

Villa di Magione (Perugia), 14 January 2019 – Tragedy in a farmhouse in Villa di Magione, in province of Perugia. The lifeless body of one woman 69 years old was found on the morning of Monday, January 14th. The woman was killed with knives, as the first reliefs would have highlighted. The carabinieri of Città della Pieve and the coroner Sergio Scalise.

The pm is coordinating the investigations Manuela Comodi. The body was found in a woman's house, in a cottage. Death could go back to the night between Sunday and Monday. The woman was found with a knife in her back. To discover the body was the daughter, who called the mental health center in which he is being treated to give the alarm.

The woman's husband was not there. The body was found at the entrance to an annex of the cottage. The blade would hit vital organs. 360 degrees surveys, also in the family context (news in update).


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